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Problem with cross-cerifying - Why it doesnt work?
~Sigmund Zekhipiberglen 02/27/2007 05:59 PM
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Hi All,
I have one small Domino domain/organization (let say Org1@Dom1). It was decided to change existing domain name and not to change existing organisation name, servers, users etc.
So, on separate machines I've set up new server and created new organisation and domain(let say Org1@Dom2), registered users etc. Next, I want to connect servers from old domain and new one to replicate databases.
I've made safe ID from both organization's and on both servers (Srv1/Org1@Dom1 and new Srv1/Org1@Dom2) I've made cross-certification (on organization level). But neither users nor server from new org/domain can't connect to server in old one and vice versa.

Error appears: The public key that is being used does not match the one that was certified.

What I did wrong? What else should I do?
Does it matters that organisations names and servers names are the same (but domain names are different) ?
Or does it matters that old servers are 5.0.3 and new is 7.0.2?

Thanks in advance for all ideas.

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